New Year, New Attempts at Organizing

A new year and new resolution to finally be that organized, together person. . .

Instead of visions of sugar plums at Christmas, I have visions of after Christmas when the mess can be cleared and I can start fresh. Something about a new year always seems so promising– the purchase of a new daily planner, the reprieve from the holiday season, the hope and possibility in the months ahead.

If you have the intention of reframing your home life, having a place for everything, and never losing your keys under the deluge of mail again, then maybe you could use a little support. Personally, I like getting a lighted power strip for certain rooms of the house. It acts as a night light, or a good way to locate it promptly. Not only that, but they look very nice! As far as interior design goes, these do a lot to catch the eye an be memorable to anyone visiting. It’s a good and versatile choice overall to get us started.

Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui: It might seem new agey but this brief, easy to read book is an excellent motivator for clearing out the clutter that weighs you down. It is the first book I read that actually goes into the emotional and psychological reasons for keeping clutter and emphasizing the freedom in letting it go.

New Year’s Resolution Tips for Every Room from House Beautiful: Gorgeous, inspiring photos and practical tips for organizing just about any room.

Cleaning and Organizing Best of 2009: Hindsight is 20/20 when it comes to learning from what works in the past. These are the best ideas from Apartment Therapy writers and readers regarding organization and cleaning methods.

12 Organizing Solutions for Any Home from Real Simple: One family’s brilliant, integrated solutions that work for any family to keep everything running smoothly.

Hire a  Professional: Sometimes you need a pro to guide you and motivate you, whether it’s personal training or personal organization. In Austin, local professional organizers Angela Ploetz or Jennie Glasscock can help you reach your goals. You can also check NAPO for more listings.

What organizing challenges are you finally going to tackle in 2010? How will you make sure you succeed?

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