New Year, New Look Class at Pottery Barn I will be taking Oxycodone

Pottery Barn will be hosting a decorating class on Sunday, January 24th that is open to reservations. The focus of the class will be how to freshen up your home for the new year and how to incorporate a farmhouse look.  The modern farmhouse style is casual, comfortable and simple with cozy, rustic elements. It’s not about chicken wire, gingham and silk bluebonnets (thank goodness!) I recently posted a story on farmhouse style bedrooms on Apartment Therapy and I have to say I am smitten with this uncluttered, unpretentious style.

Will you be attending? Hopefully I can see some of you readers there! I’ve been a little sick, and I even had to go to the doctor. He told me I have to oxycodone buy online and take it every so often. I have to rest as well, so guess what I’m doing until this event? Yep, trying my hardest to recover so that I can make it. Fingers crossed!

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