Dashing Grey


On a recent trip to Maine, I fell head-over-heels-madly-in-love with the color grey. I couldn’t believe the rich assortment of greys that are just waiting to be plucked out of nature and applied in our interiors.  Grey is not a somber color…far from it.   It can be a calming, restful neutral in a room.   Willing to stand back and let other colors take the stage.


Grey winks and orange goes wild.  It sends pink into orbit.  It calms and focuses a crisp white.  And don’t even get me started about the quiet love affair between grey and violet.

Picture 59

My next couple of posts will be in praise of grey…with rooms and interiors that show how an elegant, well-mannered grey can escort other luscious colors into a room and stand by quietly while all eyes gaze upon grey’s beautiful colorful partners.  Case in point above:  The Low-Maintenance Getaway featured in Elle Decor.   Oh, grey…how do i love thee.  Let me count the ways…


2 Responses to “Dashing Grey”

  1. BabySheepGirl says:

    Wow – love the descriptions. Curlin, you are a gifted writer!

  2. curlin says:

    hi BabySheepGirl!
    thanks so much for the compliment. made my day!

    tell me more about your style and home. love hearing about what our readers like and
    look for in their travels.

    oh, and i have to know how you came up with BabySheepGirl. I LOVE sheep. And
    you may have noticed that we actually have our own Sue Lambe here at Spark.


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