Happy Folk Art Created By An Elf…Really


Shari Elf is the wonderful artist who creates these one-of-a-kind treasures in her little studio in Joshua Tree, California. By combining bits of, found objects, assorted junk & jewelry, Shari makes what she likes to call “Good and Sturdy Art.”   Her witty titles and captions elevate each piece into a combination of folk art and storytelling. Visual stories that are collected far and wide.


Better yet, her art is affordable…ranging from around $50 to $300 at the tippy top.  I’ve collected her work for years and have it sprinkled throughout my home wherever I think a corner needs brightening or a cubby needs a surprise.


One of the nicest details; Shari writes a detailed description of the individual materials used (and their provenance!) on the back of each piece in her own handwriting.  She’s one of the few artists i know whose art is as fun on the front as it is on the back.  Added ecogreenbean bonus: Shari often uses a pop-top from a soda can as the little hanger for each piece. Sign up to receive notices when Shari adds new work to her site. If  you spot a fave, snag it quickly…her work sells out in minutes.

Check back tomorrow for a fresh ideas from our landscape architect-exterior stylist extraordinaire:  Sue Lambe


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