Copy Cat Chic: Cheap and Chic Shopping Hints

Don’t I love a bargain. Usually I love the bargain hunt as well, but sometimes there just isn’t time. Thank goodness there are people like Reichel who are even more obsessed with researching furniture and discount deals. In her blog, Copy Cat Chic, Reichel highlights a high end furniture find and then counteracts it with a cheap chic discovery. Love it! Makes me think of the way Target copies (gratefully) Pottery Barn or features lower end versions of Dwell for the masses to consume on a budget.

Copy Cat Chic find for Modern Lamp

Copy Cat Chic find for Modern Lamp

It’s important to remember to bargain hunt wisely. I love the tufted chair shown on Copy Cat Chic for $695 and I see I can get it from Overstock for half the price. That’s very tempting indeed and a good option for seating that is more display than user friendly. For furniture pieces that I will want to keep forever and plop my rump on daily, I would be smarter to opt for the more expensive and better made chair. However, if I want the trendy lamp pictured above, there is no reason I shouldn’t go for the less expensive version and enjoy more bang for my decorating buck.

– Misty

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