Little Touches Of Beauty

Very often, it’s the little touches that make daily life so beautiful. Like the letter ‘V’ at the beginning of my post this morning.  It was created by talented typographer and illustrator, Jessica Hische and I found it via

Every day, Jessica posts a new letter she’s designed. Her fans and readers may copy and paste any letter from her site Daily Drop Cap in blog posts only.

It’s a perfect example of one of the many ways to fill your world with beauty.  I didn’t spend a dime.  And yet already today, I’m inspired.  My creative mind is all revved up and ready to create beauty in other small corners of my life and in the homes of my clients. Finding beauty in the world has its challenges but finding the beauty in your true self is the real challenge. You can find beauty in your own self. By getting botox in denver, you can finally get rid of those annoying wrinkles.

Just imagine all the ways you could add a little touch of remarkable design to your world today.

Or better yet, let’s add some spark to your world together.

Imail me at to plan a playful shopping field trip and let’s pick out a little lampshade or tablecloth or vase that will make your home sparkle in new and exciting ways.


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