Q&A: Inspirational Design Blogs and Websites

Painted Lampshade Structures from Kriss Color Stripes

Painted Lampshade Structures from Kris's Color Stripes

What are some of the best websites and blogs that I can turn to for design inspiration and ideas?

Good question. It seems like either you don’t even know where to start to find the good stuff, or you have an abundance of yummy design sources and are overwhelmed with eye candy! Here are the sources that we turn to on a regular basis:

1. Kris’s Color Stripes

She features lovely photographs from daily life and then assembles color palettes based on these photos of clouds, weathered wood, or whatever else she happens on. Kris blogs about some of her craft projects, like the lampshades above, and she sells necklaces that you will want to gobble up.

2. Design Crisis

It’s local ya’ll and the girls who write for it are fun-ny! Plus, they know what they’re talking about .

3. Elements of Style

This is a sophisticated, but not stuffy take on interior design and fashion.

4. Retro Renovation

The hip place to go for those in love with and sometimes in hate with your mid-century mod renovation.

Before and After Dresser from Design Sponge

Before and After Dresser from Design Sponge

5. Apartment Therapy

Of course we’d bring up AT, but it’s not just because of our affiliation. AT is one of the most recognized design sites for the range of material it covers, from celebrity homes to how-to’s. The style trends towards young, fresh and modern and there is an active group of “commenters” who love to share their opinions (for better or worse). Because there are so many writers from so many different cities, usually just about everything worth mentioning pops up on AT.

As a matter of fact, here’s an old post from AT with their readers top voted other design blogs. We’d like to put an exclamation point behind Design Sponge, Decor8 and Making it Lovely!

What are your favorite design websites for blogs? There are so many out there that are easy to miss, so help us add to our list (uh, I think I just rhymed).

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