Question? Who’s got a question?

Ugly L Shaped Living Room with Plaid Carpet via Librarianmer on Flikr

I know you have a design question. Don’t just sit there in despair and wonder what you should do about that hideous carpet or that impossibly shaped room. How do you space plan an “L” shaped living room anyway?

Thursdays are YOUR day. So send in a question about your current decorating dilemma not matter how great or how small. Even if you are just toying with trying wallpaper (since it seem to be making a comeback) or need a source for cute throw pillows someday, ask us! There are others who want to piggy back off your knowledge gathering. And you know, we can’t read your mind. We don’t always know what you want us to write about, so be kind and whine. We like it when you complain about your design woes. Is that so wrong?

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