A Ruffle Of Feathers By Your Chair.

It’s no secret to anyone who has been in my home that i fancy birds and flowers. I’ve often wondered if it’s because of my genetics.  My father’s nickname was Spider.  My mother’s name was Phoebe.  And they called me Rosie.
That might explain how my love of gardens grew.

Art allows me to throw open my doors and let the glories of the garden wander inside.  Take, for example, these amazing paper sculptures by artist, Anna-Wili Highfield.  I’d let a whole forest full of these beautiful creatures swoop into my home.  Anna darns paper, thread, watercolors, wood and wire together to create her avian wonders. The subtly tattered effect she creates with the bits of paper makes each bird look as if it has just ruffled its feathers and is about to take flight.

Or in the case of this majestic piece…like a gorgeous owl is about to pounce upon an unsuspecting sock hiding under a chair in your den.  I would happily fall prey to a work of her art any day.  The talented Anna-Wili is taking commissions 12 months out if you’d like to add your name to her email list.

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