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In Curlin's Studio

A little bit of this . . . and a generous dab of that . . . and maybe a smidge of those. I could be talking about mixing up a simmering soup or creating a painting or even decorating a living room (emphasis on living). The idea is that whatever comes together is a collection of experiments & experiences, favorites & intuition. This ledge of  collected “dabs and smidges” is an assembly of ceramics (made by Curlin), a modern orange pitcher, and a cluster of found objects. It doesn’t matter what each piece costs or where it came from, but what do all the pieces become together?

When we (the royal “we”, me or you or them) design a room, we want to make that room a living room by infusing it with our collected objects and experiences and our favorite, most joyful things — just like Curlin’s ledge. We want to create rooms that are both fun and functional, but also treasured and adored.

By the same token, when I decided to gather a Spark team I handpicked women who represented a range of life stages and lifestyles. They are each creative people with diverse and valuable skill sets (functional), but they also bring me joy and inspiration (fun). I want to work with people who delight me and who will bring delightful spaces to our clients.

I encourage you to meet the whole Spark entourage and join us November 7 from 2:00-6:00 for a delightful afternoon at Curlin’s artistic abode. It’ll be a relaxed, casual Sunday afternoon sitting on the porch drinking sparkling somethings and eating tasty tidbits (our menu is making my mouth water). We, along with many other entrepreneurial women, will be chatting about all sorts of things –  landscapes & gardens, craft, interior & exterior decor, business dreams & aspirations! It’s the perfect opportunity to brainstorm about your next creative idea and to win free design consultations from the Spark team.

Curlin's Illustrations

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