Halloween Decorating or Keeping up with the Adams

Black Cat Silhouettes from Martha Stewart

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky, they’re all together hooky . . . they’re Halloween decorations! In case you haven’t noticed (due to your kid’s constant chanting or all the extra mounds of candy in the grocery store), Halloween is just around the corner. Time to add a little spooky and kooky to your decorating, without being overly ghoulish or garish.

Paranormal Family Portraits From Country Living

Paranormal Family Portraits From Country Living

Follow this tutorial from Country Living and transform your family portraits from stately to scary, or find some vintage photos of people you don’t know to alter. I also like the idea of adding little black paper masks over the faces in family or vintage photos to add a little mystery.

For simple and ghostly decorating, cover your furniture in white dropcloths or sheets, fling about some spider webs, and maybe shake a feather duster around the room. Voila! Instantly you have a neglected room inhabited by a ghost family.

Eerie Living Room from Country Living

Cutting silhouettes from black paper is an inexpensive way to add drama. Bat and creepy tree branch shapes can adorn a wall or window. A life size wicked witch might peek around the corner. Applying an elongated shadow silhouette to a set of stairs is especially clever and unexpected (leave it to Martha).

Paper Shadows on the Stairs from Martha Stewart

Finally, or firstly really, there must be something on the front door that makes a statement. Most examples of Halloween wreaths that I have found are black and resemble funeral wreaths. My front door is black, so that really adds no impact. I considered making a wreath of candy, but then decided my kids would be nibbling on the front door all October if I did that. Instead, I found this easy and icky wreath made from florist moss and fake spiders. Somehow it’s elegant and repulsive at the same time, but best of all, it shows up well against my black door.

Must Wreath from Martha Stewart

How do you add Halloween fun to your home?

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  1. Amanda says:

    We put fake spider webs all over our front porch and put lots of small plastic spiders in the webs. It looks awesome and only cost about $6.00.

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