Q & A: Wide Open Spaces Above Cabinets

Country Living Kitchen via Homebody

How do I address that empty space above my kitchen cabinets? Can I just leave it empty?

Dear reader, the short answer is a simple YES. But do you know what’s nice? Place some rope lights along the top edge of the cabinets behind the crown molding (or against the wall edge if no molding) to enhance the space. It just makes it a little more glamorous.

If you can’t handle empty spaces (and some of us just can’t), then carefully accessorize the space. We beg you not to put artificial plants or ivy up there because everyone knows it’s fake and it will just get dusty. The use of baskets is fine though.

We like using the space to feature a special collection that may have no other home. We’ve seen rows of vintage cookie jars, antique bowls, and old school globes which looks especially surprising in the kitchen (in a good way). Just edit the collection well and try to keep the objects unified by color or shape. It does not work to have one cookie jar, one basket, two wine bottles, three platters and one globe. That’s just clutter.

Ashley Ann's Kitchen on Apartment Therapy

Ashley Ann's Kitchen on Apartment Therapy

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