Q&A: How Can I Help a Great School and a Cute Kid?

Busy Mom Folders $7.50, Melamine Bowls $16.50, Earrings $12.50, Votive $14.50

Call this a shameless promo, but my son approached me with a brilliant idea.  He asked me if I could feature the information for his school fundraiser on my website and he even came up with a pitch. My kid is adorable (like your kid) and his school is well deserving of any and all love. Williams Elementary in Georgetown is fortunate to have the most outstanding and dedicated teachers that I have ever known. However, the largest part of the school population is not so financially fortunate.

Your gift purchases from the Great American School Store will direct 50% of the profits to Williams. And the products they offer are actually good! I already have my eye on some snazzy earrings and cute totebags. They even have magazine subscriptions to publications like Real Simple, one of my favorites and a gift that keeps on giving. So make yourself feel good, cross of some holiday shopping and support a fabulous school. Now, that’s muli-tasking!

From My Enterprising 9 Year Old:

Decorate yourself along with your house!

We are doing a fundraiser to help sponsor Williams Elementary by selling  beautiful jewelry and gifts. Buy holiday gifts like water bottles and support a great school without spending much money.

If you would rather eat your goodies than wear them, we are also selling cookie dough. How do key lime or rocky road cookies sound? Delicious.

If you would be interested in helping us out, contact my mom at misty@sparkinteriors.com and she will send you a catalog invitation so your purchase will credit my school. Thanks a bunch!

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