Seen Around: Stones and Pebbles at Viva Terra

Felted Wool Stone Stools

We’ve been seeing the softer side of stones lately and we like it. These Felted Wool Stones are both natural and fanciful in their play on hard and soft surfaces. Having one or two of these in a room would be sure to start conversation and intrigue guests. Just for fun, take a peek at the high end designer versions of stone age furniture.

Balanced Stone Lamp

If you like the look of river rock decor but prefer to keep it in it’s natural state of stoney stubbornness, consider a Balanced Stone Lamp. Or add these beautiful Stone Towel Hooks to a spa bathroom. All suggested items can be found at Viva Terra, a company that is dedicated to living in harmony with nature and supporting sustainable artisans.

Rock on, mama.

Stone Towel Hooks

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