Rain chain

It’s raining today here in Austin, which is always a moment to celebrate, because it means I don’t need to water my lovelies in the garden. It’s kind of like pennies from heaven. Speaking of a shower of copper, make rain a landscape feature via beautiful rain chains…

Rain chains, traditionally made of copper since copper doesn’t lose integrity from exposure to water, create visual and audible delight with their sleek clever ways.¬† I saw/heard them for the first time on a 1987 trip to Tokyo and Kyoto and fell in love. If you are handy with soldering, you can make your own here. Or for a simpler non-copper method (no soldering required), grab binder rings and make your own.

This is Benjamin Vogt’s garden, who blogs at The Deep Middle; he added a dry stream bed to channel the water from his rain chain to his garden.

There are so many motifs to use – do you have a clever rain chain you’ve put together? I’ve been thinking of collecting more of those¬† teeny bundt pans from when I was a Master Easy Bake oven Baker. Or what about taking those old cookie cutters and connecting them with shower rings for a funky approach?

Send me a photo of what you’ve done for your rain chain!

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