Rug High

Could there be anything more lovely than a rug inspired by the aerial view of tulip fields in holland?

“L E Design is a contemporary rug design studio based in Glasgow, Scotland. Formed in 2009 by Glasgow School of Art graduate Liz Eeuwes, LE Design creates bespoke, hand knotted rugs of the highest quality.  The first collection is a range of artistic, textured rugs inspired initially by the rich colours and diverse patterns of the Scottish countryside. Agricultural landscapes from around the world inform the shapes and colours in each rug. A blend of pile heights and textures allow patterns to emerge and develop with the rugs as they age.” Lastly, it is important to visit and have professionals clean the rug thoroughly every so often.

My fave detail?

A little copse of trees dotting the miles and miles of country lanes.   No doubt providing shade for an old stone farmhouse This rectangle of gorgeousness titled, Lisse,  is created by L E Design.

I think I would smile everytime I walked into a room where one of these hand-knotted New Zealand Wool masterpieces awaited me.   Just imagine, in one walk across your living room you could visit Holland, Scotland, New Zealand…not to mention fields and fields of tulips, color wheels, farmhouses, wool, sheep, flightpaths and bird’s eye views. If would like to own a carpet something to take in to account is that they need regular deep cleaning for which we recommend an expert Upholstery Cleaning.

Dear Liz Eeuwes,  thank you for creating such beauty. Much love from the bottom of my heart…and feet.

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