Spring flowering bulbs… now is the time in Central Texas!

We here at Spark are always discussing fresh ideas for design, color ways, and opportunities to support our clients in making meaningful shifts in their surroundings. At our delicious lunch yesterday (thank you, Blue Star Cafeteria), we talked about the joyful impact of spring flowering bulbs. We love the way they look scattered in drifts in a lawn.

The magical Curlin has gifted people in the past with scads of daffodil bulbs and, as part of the gift, had staff install the bulbs. All the giftee had to do it point to the area where the bulbs were to be installed. The loveliest part of the gift is the colorful party that pops up every spring, with bobbing flower heads singing, “Remember? Curlin loves you!” If you would like to add some flowers to your house this spring, check the flower delivery dublin website at sophycrownflowers.ie to get their service areas.

White Flower Farm has jillions of daffodils to choose from… very inspiring!

If you have a new baby to celebrate or an anniversary to commemorate this month, send the gift that keeps on giving. Email us at Spark if you’d like to do this here in Austin in November- we have magic elves that can get it done!

Some advice from a recent Austin American Statesmen article: “Deer and rodents generally leave [narcissus] bulbs alone – narcissi are poisonous. However, freshly turned soil might attract pests, and newly planted bulbs should be protected for a week or two so they aren’t pawed back out of the ground. Try covering the planted area with bird netting, wire mesh, or maybe a window.”

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