DIY Holiday cheer – make your house merry!


This year I dread pulling out the same old tired decorations – is that shallow? Certain family members torture me if their favorite decorations, those that say “Hooray, it’s Christmas!” to them, are not prominently displayed. Which is sweet! And annoying, because I’m looking for something fresh!

So I’d like to make our accumulated treasures for Christmas feel zesty and new, and I need to do it for very little cash. (Can I hear an “Amen, Sister!”?) Here are some ideas I liked…

I like the idea of taking the strings of light we have and instead of wrapping shrubs and limbs, hanging them vertically to emphasize (or create) an architectural feature. Cost? $0

Martha has instructions on how to swoop shooting stars through your trees on her website here – isn’t this fun? Lots of impact and small price tag – most of the materials you’ll have around the house. (The instructions call for a 24″ wire star form; I’d just lash some twigs together into a star shape. Easier, cheaper, better size/shape possible.)

Recycle those cans a different way – by turning them into luminaria lining your sidewalk or hang them as lanterns in trees. Instructions are here on how to make Punched Tin Lanterns.

A way to make the old new again… add some shimmer, something unexpected like this giant shell, and some greenery from your yard. I think this will be the look I go for this year… wish me luck!

How about a calendar? That would make a great gift for the coming year, for just about anyone. You can order Imprinted Calendars¬†or Steam train calendars, and that way they will be customized to your liking. It could be something nice and personal for your family for example. It makes for neat and practical decoration when posted wherever it might get the most use, be it the kitchen, and office, or maybe one of the kids’s room!

What do you think? Do tell!