Shopping Trip for Holiday Gardens!

Butterfly flitting amongst the flowers.

I buzzed into The Great Outdoors on South Congress in Austin last week to swoop up some plants for winter pots out back (fav find was artichokes – so gorgeous with their outsized silvery blue leaves) and found myself in the midst of some serious Christmas cheer.

Loved this green gazing ball ($30), set like a pearl in this concrete shell with the backdrop of festive red blooms.

Sweet little mosaic bunny, all tricked out Cubist style. He would look perfect under the tree – $109.

These succulent wreaths of succulents made me crazy – $39 for the smaller version and $99 for the larger one. Go ahead and take them apart after the holidays and plant up a living wall sculpture or add them to a garden bed! The stands were also fab – $29 each.

This fun 6′ – 7′ tall tree sculpture is complete with little bird nest on top – it comes apart for storage after the holidays. Wrap with lights and hang with your favorite ornaments for a more sustainable approach to a Christmas tree (no trees were cut down, nor were any plastics made, for this tree).  $128.

Even if you celebrate Festivus for the rest of us, there is much to enjoy here. Grab a cup of coffee at their on-site cafe and stroll around taking in the sights. Wishing you joy in these last days of 2010!

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