Color Trends for 2011, Part III: Understated Elegance

Traditional Bedroom from House Beautiful

Continuing with our 2011 color trends forecast from Sherwin Williams, today we bring you the Purely Refined palette. Think luxury and pedigree, elegant and understated, artisan craftsmanship and British tailoring. The look is undeniably classic with timeworn colors and textured layers.

Cottage Family Room from House Beautiful

Library Sitting Room from House Beautiful

Soft blue, sage and lilac are warmed by sophisticated gold, chocolate, and cream. The concept is to look and feel rich, but not to be ostentatious . . . which just wouldn’t do in these strained economical times. Isn’t is interesting how the social and financial climate influences our aesthetics?

This green sitting room was influenced by the owners collection of 19th century landscape paintings. The designer pulled the fresh leafy green from the paintings for the walls and then complimented it with cream trim and warm wood beams. The gold, lilac and pale blue accents are like flowers in a field of grass.

The images below are a perfect example of the masculine and feminine version of the refined, understated look. One room is handsome and confident with gray suiting fabric upholstering one wall, a navy blue loveseat and regal artwork. The other room is light and lovely with sheets of reeding (grasscloth is similar) on the ceiling, organic layered fabrics, and lilac seating. Interestingly, the masculine room was designed by a woman and the feminine room by a man. So much for stereotypes. No matter . . . stylish and sophisticated works for everyone.

His and Hers Bedrooms from House Beautiful

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