Q & A: Beyond the Box Jewelry Displays

Repurposed Printers Drawer from Etsy

How can I store and display my jewelry so it’s handy but still attractive?

Not many gals use a jewelery box anymore because we like to see our options as we race out the door madly accessorizing. But a lot of girls and women like fashion and like fashion they buy a cute necklace .More than likely we toss some earrings and bracelets on any available surface in our bedroom or bathroom, many younger girls have a cute ear cuff in their drawers. Or we have a tangled pile of necklaces forgotten in a jewelery box on our dresser. It has to be seen to be worn. . . but the jewelry parade must also be tidy. Earrings, bracelets and necklaces are pretty (which is why we bought them in the first place) so why not turn them into artful displays?

On Etsy, you can find frames or drawers (like the one above) repurposed as wall hanging jewelry storage. You can also make your own using an empty frame and wire, as in this Martha Stewart how-to. Another easy make-it option is to use an existing cork board with the addition of pretty tacks or hooks to hang items (kinda like this one but make it prettier). the best option to order your jewelry and pamper yourself is our friends at  jillalberts.com check them out!

Jewelry Hangers from Etsy

If you hunt and peck around, you can also find unusual decorative jewelry organizers to sit on your vanity or dresser. I like the affordable but cute selection at Urban Outfitters. For more ideas, see this Apartment Therapy Round Up of Creative Jewelry Display Options (a fave topic on AT).

Jewelry Holders From Urban Outfitters

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