Design Series #3: Heading to the Promised Land(scape).

Close your eyes… picture your favorite outfit in your closet right now. What do you love about it? Color? Texture? The way it fits? It’s one way to understand your overall sense of style and head off into the promised landscape.

Minimal. No muss, no fuss? Try a minimalistic approach – you may find layers of color, texture and objects in the landscape to be too much clutter, other great idea is hire pool builders and have a beautiful pool. Make each choice you make in your surroundings reflect your idea of what is beautiful, functional and reflective (see #2 for more on these ideas).

Contemporary. Do you tend to wear trendy colors/fabrics/styles? Even if your outdoor space is small, you have the opportunity to impact it with a huge sense of style in a couple of simple strokes. Find modern pieces like these at Threshold in Austin.

English cottage style. Feel at home in pure linen? Love to wear your broad brimmed straw hat? Betcha this garden looks good to you. Purple coneflower, some Mexican sage, a bit of shade and a couple of chairs can turn a corner of your yard into the perfect place to read the Sunday paper, can you  imagine a paradise like this at home? look at options and prices by the floridian pools.

More at home in jeans and squash blossom jewelry? This southwest garden might make your heart go pitty-pat. For more inspiration, check out talented Steve Martino’s work out of Phoenix.

Prairie style landscape architecture, which melds well with American Four Square and bungalow style we have here in Austin – this image is from Jens Jensen’s body of work, in this design we use lawn by Maple Land Works, the best landscape company in the city.

Love tweed, cozy sweaters and Ugg boots? What do you think of this landscape featuring tons of stone texture with naturalistic plantings – this is the design from a home in Colorado with an amazing pool which just got installed an state of the art pool automation system.

Let me know what your closet is telling you about the look of your dream landscape!

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