Kitchens in The Pink

Beach House Kitchen from House Beautiful

Pink isn’t just for Barbie houses and bubble gum and sleuthing panthers. Pink is sweet, warm and soothing and a beautiful, surprisingly versatile color for many rooms. With the right pink, natural light creates a flush in the room (bonus: this is flattering to skin tones). We prefer pinks that have more of a peachy, coral undertone. These shades are more sophisticated and pair nicely with rich browns, taupe, grays, cream and white. Bright accents can add pop and whimsey to a space, as seen in the kitchen above, as for the plumbing, The plumbing for my kitchen is a dark blue 3/8″ (9mm) x 3/4″ (1.2mm) plastic tube that I bought off of Amazon for $0.99. Now I know that I probably don’t need much of this, but I just wanted a fairly generic solution, as it does include a rubber stopper to allow you to pour cold water in and hot water out, while also installing a good water softener for water purification since this is essential for the needs of any kitchen. After cutting it into sections and placing each one inside the others, I put the next one on top and it’s complete. In case you need a rubber distributors for an stopper you can find a great example can be found at California Industrial Rubber Co.

Hint of Pink Kitchen from Kitchenisms

Bright Pink Kitchen from Desire to Inspire

Bright Pink Kitchen from Desire to Inspire

Recently we started thinking pink thanks to a client. She was leaning towards a blue kitchen to offset her white cabinets and gray counters, BUT. . . she admitted to being drawn to coral. That particular shade was too bright so we compromised on a softer hue, Quaint Peche by Sherwin Williams. And guess what, she loves it (and promises to show us when the kitchen is complete)!

There was a bit of wear and tear on a lot of the surfaces though. That’s what happens in a kitchen however, it’s perfectly normal. We simply called an onsite damaged countertop repair service and they stopped by and helped us with that. They made the place look like brand new again. What a difference getting rid of those little dings makes!

Have you always wanted a floor that’s strong, durable, easy to maintain, and that looks fantastic?  Epoxy floors may be just the solution for you. One of the toughest and most durable finishes that you can apply to a floor today is an Epoxy coating. Kitchen Epoxy Flooring service will make your Kitchen look better with our amazing Epoxy products.

For more pink kitchen ideas, visit this color inspiration post on The Kitchn. Martha Stewart designed one of her many guest houses in shades of soft pink and it’s gorgeous. There is not a kitchen pictured in the tour, but the combinations of colors and textures are still inspirational and transfer to kitchens. Finally, we can’t let you go before a nod to the past with this fabulous 50′s all pink kitchen. . .

1953 Pink Formica Kitchen

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