“Live Mom” Features Spark*

We’d like to give a shout out to LiveMom.com, a local website connecting moms to the Austin community. Live Mom is an excellent source for family events, product reviews, and parenting articles (with a twist) such as, “Raise Your Hand If You’re Tired of Tiger Mom” (hands up here).

Recently, Live Mom interviewed Spark* asking us about organizing kids rooms, family spaces and more. Here’s an excerpt:

LM: I have a twelve year old son who insists on keeping his space messy. Aside from being a designer, do you have any tips as a mom to two boys for keeping a child’s space clean and organized?

Misty: It’s important to realize that kids and their interests change quickly, therefore no organizational system is perfect. You have to constantly reevaluate the way your child functions in his space and then adapt the system. Every six months when your kids are not around, purge all the clothes that don’t fit and the toys that are neglected. Set up easy, accessible storage so your kids can put away their things on a regular basis – don’t wait until the room is a hot mess before you make them clean it up. Ultimately it is up to the parent to enforce good clean up habits, not matter how miserable that makes us.

I always try to keep a variety of storage options in a child’s room. For example, hooks on the wall are great for backpacks, robes and ballcaps. A bulleton board is almost essential because kids always want to tack up something, whether it’s a Pokeman  poster or a Justin Bieber photo. Place a nightstand or large basket next to the bed for favorite books. I find that an open shelving system with attractive bins is the best way to store toys. Bigger toys can be placed on the shelves and all those tiny things can go into designated labeled containers.  Taller bookcases are nice to maximize vertical space even though toys will need to be occasionally rotated so kid’s can reach them. I see many kid rooms where every piece of furniture is very low and it skews the scale of the room. Try to have varying heights of furniture and use all the wall space.

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Thanks for the feature and the great questions, Live Mom!

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  1. Catherine says:

    It was a pleasure to feature Spark! Learned lots of valuable information!!

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