Q & A: Kid Proof Paint Recomendation

Image from St. Judes Children’s Hospital

I have 3 kids under the age of 8 and wanted to know which brand of paint is good to buy.  You know how lil’ hands leave marks everywhere! ~ Luz

Oh, yes. . . as a mother of two boys, I know all about marks on the walls.  Whether it’s tiny tire tracks, gooey slime residue or grubby fingerprints, the key factor in a family friendly paint is scrubbability. That means that a low sheen (eggshell, pearl or satin finish) paint is your best bet. Sherwin Williams makes a paint called Duration Home that is washable, low VOC, and comes in a matte finish (if you must have flat paint). This has the Good Housekeeping seal of approval and is currently being tested in my own home with my little lab assistants.

To be extra credible, I asked veteran painter Mike Bratcher about his recommendation for a durable, kid friendly paint. With almost 40 years of experience in commercial and residential painting, Mike has seen it all. Mike says there really isn’t a clear difference between the performance of Sherwin Williams, Kelly Moore and Behr paints — but the lower price tag of Behr makes it a winner for him.

The local House Painter recommends buying top of the line quality (not contractor grade) paint in a low sheen no matter what the brand. If you find a color you love in one brand (like SW), you can usually have it color matched in another brand (like Behr).

Thanks for your question, Luz! Keep the queries coming, folks. One question from you gives answers to many (is that a Chinese proverb?)

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