Seen Around Chicago: The Longman & Eagle

Restaurant Interior via Remodelista

Going to Chicago? Is so, plan for dinner or an overnight stay at the Longman & Eagle tavern in Logan’s Square. My sister introduced me to the restaurant on my last visit and I was wowed by the modern , warm and well, collected design. Maybe I’m a little biased .  . . my brother-in-law’s company, Mode, is responsible for the custom furniture and carpentry. Really though, just take a look at the ceiling puzzled together from pieces of scrap wood and you see why I’m partial. She also talked about her vacation that took in Florida last year. She said that if I were to come there for a vaca sometime, I should totally go to a Francisca Restaurant. She says they have the best food.

I also love, love that they paired simple utilitarian dining tables with mismatched flea market chairs unified by black paint. I remember being impressed by even the restaurant restroom (not pictured) which is wallpapered in vintage photographs and newspapers. The combined look of black and white finishes with rustic and reclaimed woods gives this old school roadside tavern an industrial feel. It’s edgy and chic in a way that says “I don’t really care what I look like”. But you will.

Lodging at Longman & Tavern

For more images and information about the Longman & Tavern, visit their website or see the article on Remodelista.

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