Pack Up & Stay Put With Creative Storage

Vintage Train Cases

Shopping around at antique shops and markets, I started noticing vintage train cases. I think I’m drawn to them for their travel weary appearance and nostalgic nod to cross country train rides (as seen in old movies with very well dressed, sauve passengers). Some of these train cases still have lingering scents of aftershave or perfume.

It’s all well and good to collect something for it’s charm, but it’s even better to assign those things a function. Luckily, I found a purpose for my train cases. It so happens that these cases areĀ  the perfect size for storing CD’s or DVD’s. A few of the cases I found had tiny interior side-rails that used to support trays. These rails can be easily pried off if they cause the case to be too narrow for dropping in CD’s.

Open Train Case as Storage for CD's

To vary my storage and create more interest, I mixed the train cases in with a collection of baskets (holding even more DVD’s). The necessary media components and speakers are there (sigh), but I tried to detract from those items by placing unusual objects on some shelves. Alas the vintage blue typewriter serves no purpose, but it belonged to my grandmother and it makes me happy.

Custom Shelving with Train Cases and Baskets for Storage

P.S. If you’re so “digital” that you don’t even know what a CD or DVD is, let alone own lots of them, then I have another suggestion. . . Consider storing your 8 different remotes or random USB cords in a train case.

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