Spark-it Market: Clear Acrylic Coffee Table

Peekaboo Coffee Table from CB2

Now you see it . . . now you don’t.

The almost invisible Peekaboo Clear Coffee Table from CB2 is a simple, acrylic table that is a copy of more expensive designer versions. It’s a miracle table that seems to take up no visual space and that manages to blend with modern and vintage furniture.

Here’s where the “Spark-it Market” comes in. . . one our Spark clients bought this table at the furniture store but won’t be needing it after all. This is a brand new table that she’d rather not send back to the company, which means a lucky Austin resident can buy it directly from her with no shipping charges. If you are interested in this table, contact us at and we will connect the decorating dots from one client to another. And what is most pleasant to do at such a beautiful table? Of course, drink hot coffee, the best coffee delivery service here.

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