Charming Art Collections…Really.

There’s something unexpected and delightful about a collection of little art. It can take the most boring corner of a hallway or tiny strip of wall and turn it into a little surprise.   Eng Gee Fan also known as Minifanfan is this weeks pick for me.

Visit her wonderful website and you will find Eng Gee Fan,

currently works as an artist / illustrator in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

she loves bob hair, minimalism, gigs, drawing and handmade.

if you like her works, please funding her further study via purchase in her ETSY.

contact her about commissions, collaborations, and ideas here.

Happy Drawing for Happy People.

Her style charms me.  Her faces make me smile.  The hats they wear are darling.  Look closely and you might see that each one of these little works of art is actually a charm for a necklace.  Added Bonus Alert!
So…maybe this little collection could grace your closet…and you could choose a different charm to wear from your collection.   Wearable art collections.  Hmmmmmmm.   I’m off to try on some of my paintings.

Wall Hooks, Where are You?

Wall Hooks, Where are You?

  In yesterday’s Q & A post on hooking some wall storage, I promised to provide resources and suggestions for not-so-ordinary wall hooks. Better late than never, I am finally delivering on that promise after some technical difficulties and distractions today. This is the kind of thing that I could research for hours, which I did, because I obsess over [...]

Q & A: How to Hook Some Storage

Q & A: How to Hook Some Storage

My dear client, Becky, sent me this question about family storage in the entry way. She has a charming vintage cottage that is full of character but short on transition spaces. I am looking at getting some hooks for the entry way by our front door.  We need to hang the kid’s backpacks low and [...]