Green with Envy Over Treehouse

TreeHouse Store

Being green is easier than ever, with more and more stores catering to an eco-conscious clientele. The new kid on the block is Treehouse ,  a hardware store plus more. This amazing store is located in the Westgate Shopping Center next to Central Market South. They specialize in carrying products that are easy on our earth, many of which are locally produced. I’m in awe of the broad spectrum of home improvement items they offer.

The first item to catch my eye was this super fun Woollypocket. . .you can grow anything your heart desires, indoors or out! It would be ideal for planting herbs in your kitchen or for decorative flowing plants (as in the image below). This modern take on growing indoor plants is available in multiple colors to match your style.

Whoollypocket-Wally One

TreeHouse has everything related to building supplies and home maintenance, including the kitchen sink! Shoppers will find what they need from paint to plumbing, kitchen counters to cleaning products, and lawnmowers to pet toys. I was impressed by their selection of recycled glass, ceramic and terra cotta tiles. My favorites are the beautiful handmade tiles from Fire Clay.

Browsing around, I also found these sleek outdoor chairs from Pro Teak which would be a chic style statement on any deck.

Pro Teak chairs

TreeHouse  just opened their doors on Saturday and are enticing patrons by giving away 1 FREE EcoBulb and 1 FREE bottle of Earth Friendly Parsley Plus cleaner. So get out there and Go Green!

Wall Hooks, Where are You?

Wall Hooks, Where are You?

  In yesterday’s Q & A post on hooking some wall storage, I promised to provide resources and suggestions for not-so-ordinary wall hooks. Better late than never, I am finally delivering on that promise after some technical difficulties and distractions today. This is the kind of thing that I could research for hours, which I did, because I obsess over [...]