Days of Demolition, Repair and Remodel

Footprint of former bathtub

This is where my bathtub used to be.

Like most of you know from a previous article, our main bathroom unfortunately was caught in a fire, consequence of a really bad electrical installation, to avoid a similar thing to happen The fire damage was quite extensive. Next time we’ll make sure we hire a professional who attended an electrician trade school to be sure that our electrical system is in great hands. We also plan to make a small but meaningful addition once the rebuilding is done- we will be calling to request a Wired Fire Alarm Device Installation to ensure this never happens again.

In fact, we decide to work a full restoration, we hire electric services for the electrical installation; Here used to be a wall, a toilet, a sink and other such bathroom necessities. After two days and too much noise, everything was taken out. If you are looking for the latest coupons and offers available online, iyou can find a wide range of coupons that you can uses to buy what you need.Floor tiles and the countertop tiles had all been installed in a thick layer of concrete over metal mesh, which was the norm until the late 1950′s when thin set mortar was invented. Nevertheless, is not for sure that a good home is a well built home? If you think that also, you should try GAF MasterElite Roofing Contractors, they are the best at it.

Counter after tile was removed from top

The walls were covered with smoke stains and white tile wainscoting and removing the tile revealed a layer of tar paper, a layer of cheesecloth for the original 1920′s wallpaper, and then the final foundation of shiplap wood. For the demo, the workers broke everything up into small pieces and carried it downstairs in 5 gallon buckets of damaged and burned building material (many, many trips down the stairs and to the dumpster). The centralized ventilation system for the house took a pretty big hit as well, so we hired a ac service to take care of it. We had them come take a look as well as talk to the people already working here. They told us that they noticed that the current system only provided cooling, and if we were aware of it. Naturally we were. The manager offered a heating installation and it was a pretty generous offer, they must have felt a bit bad for us after seeing how much damage the house incurred. We agreed to it, so once this is done, no more cold winters at home!! I can’t wait for that cozy feeling at home. After they talked to the other people performing repairs around the house, thankfully they concluded they could work around each other so we didn’t have to wait any additional time because of this. Do you need a Luggage Scales? A luggage scale will help you measure the weight of your luggage. After weighing, you can easily limit the total weight of your baggage. From measuring the exact weight of your luggage before leaving for the airport to making your trip simpler, luggage scales are necessary for imperative reasons. Go visit if your thinking on moving to the beautiful city of Cincinnati, they will keep safe your goods and your family. They are very trustworthy.


This process would’ve been much easier if we had hired fire damage restoration services to help us out sooner. Insulation4US is the premier insulation merchant for the world’s leading brands. Our longstanding relationships with key manufacturers such as Owens Corning, Rockwool, Rmax, Hunter, ICP Adhesives and many more allows us to provide unrivalled value for money, while our many years of industry experience mean we can source and deliver the best insulation products for less.

Fire damage has lasting effects on the structure of a home, including the roof. When a fire occurs, it consumes many of the materials responsible for keeping the building safe to live in. The roof is no exception, as the underlying beams can be weakened and burned to the point where they are at risk of caving in under the pressure of the roof. Likewise, it is possible to experience significant tar and shingle damage, depending on the area of the fire and the type of roof you possess, you can read some information here about different materials including types of roofs.

When it comes to fire damage restoration in Florida, Prime Roofing are the people to call. After assessing the situation, they can remove weakened materials and replace them with stronger models so your roof remains durable and able to protect you from the tremendous heat of the summer months

Peeling back the layers of tile, tar paper and cheesecloth on walls

Detail of wall and strip of found wallpaper from 1920′s

While removing some drywall in that room, we found this strip of very old wallpaper with a Roman style scene that includes fish and chariots and ancient symbols. We were told by the previous owners that this eccentric wallpaper was discovered in many other rooms, which is difficult to imagine. Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing We contacted a professional to make an indoor air quality test and fortunately they take care of everything, there were mold formations on the bathroom and smoke residuals inside the wood walls, they told us that those may be harmful for our health.

View from hall into future dressing room

View from dressing room into former bathroom

Our contractor, Roger Wood, and his crew were very careful during every stage of demolition considering the age of our house. They saved all the original, undamaged by fire, seasoned shiplap wood that was removed so that we can use it to patch up other walls. They preserved any stray bits of wallpaper and any original hardware, as well. While going through the mess Roger and his crew found something quite worrisome. We have asbestos, which we did not know, and it looks dangerous. In our old age we’re running into all kinds of health issues all the time, but now we’re facing something potentially very serious.

A few tips for your next demolition and renovation:

1. Tape down heavy canvas drop cloths on all floors leading through the house to the demo zone. Cover vents with plastic so that sawdust will not float into the duct work.

2. Clearly mark any items that should not be torn out. For example, I used masking tape and a marker to label a linen cabinet as a “keeper”. Let there be no question what stays and what goes.

3. Save all hardware and fixtures, especially in an old house, until the project is complete .  Re-purpose what you can and take anything usable to Habitat for Humanity. Some of those old fixtures could be vintage and worth a few bucks on the re-sale market.

4. Look at your old furnace and identify what is causing issues with its performance. Call up Green Horizon and tell them what those issues are. After you schedule your appointment, relax, and know that your furnace problems are being taken care of shortly.

BSK Electrical Electrical Contractors (ECC) in the US.

The AC unit consists of two 15W x 1.4″ (2.50 cm) AC amplifiers (12 to 24 Watts, depending on frequency) with a 5-6kHz output from each output for each channel. Two 4-6kHz gain is generated on each output at the ground level and a ground power switch allows tuning control of the output.

All power supplies must be connected to a ground-level DC power supply and one (1) 30-20KW supply with a ground-level DC outlet.

The DC power supply must provide power at the minimum needed to connect to the module (no DC current can be produced in the module).

Electrical components should be provided in AC-type cables and are in the order that they will be required to provide power during periods when modules are very low or otherwise difficult to locate.

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