What is our design style at <span style="color: #8a1f03;"><strong>spark interior style</strong></span>?

We currently favor modern lines and vintage details. We like simplicity, color, texture and lots of character. However, there are so many wonderful style choices that it is impossible to narrow the scope entirely and we continue to design rooms to fit a wide range of aesthetics.

What do we consider our design strengths?

Color coordination and selection seems to be one of our shining areas.  Also, clients appreciate our realistic approach to creating rooms, easy working relationships, and our method of guiding but not pushing clients through the decorating process. Since we have several consultants with a range of skills, we are able to address everything from remodeling to home staging to exterior styling.

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Do we work on remodels with an architect or contractor?

Yes. We can work with you to effectively communicate with the contractor and to assist with problem solving, as well as inform design decisions when it comes to the endless selections of flooring, tiles, paint colors, fixtures and more.

Do we handle small projects and general “sprucing” of the home?

Yes, and this is what most of our clients want. We can jump in at any point of a home improvement project to assist with design decisions, repair previous bad design choices, and offer guidance for completing those never ending projects.

No project is too small because we offer hourly rates for as much or as little help as you need. We can select that paint color for your dining room, rearrange your furniture in the living room, or recommend window treatments for your bedroom with the Best Aluminium Windows.

Has the window shade above your kitchen sink been marred by repeated exposure to splashes and cooking liquids? Replace a stained window covering with an inexpensive fabric treatment and see your kitchen in a whole new light. And when you make your own Roman shade, you get a custom look for a fraction of the cost.

Plastic bins are a versatile and inexpensive way to restore order in almost every in-home trouble spot. Using clear bins for storage in a pantry or for a closet gift-wrap station, for example, is an easy way to take inventory and identify items at a glance. Use labels to ensure everything stays tidy and easy to access.

Repurpose an old storage basket (or buy a new one) and hang it near the head of the bed. Thread a charger cord through the back of the basket so your nightstand can also serve as a charging station. This easy-to-install storage idea is a clever solution for a small bedroom or guest room.

Outfit an empty stretch of wall space in the kitchen with open shelves to display decorative items or hold frequently used items, such as coffee mugs. You can find laminated shelf boards for about $10 each. If you’ve got the time to peruse a flea market, save cash with vintage wood shelves that you can repaint and install.



What is our consultation and design process like?

If you have never worked with a designer/decorator and are intimidated, never fear! We strive to be as practical, approachable and reasonable as possible.

We usually begin with an initial consultation in your home to discuss the scope of the project, your questions and concerns, and to start brainstorming solutions.

Next we come up with a plan for follow-up meetings based on your needs. This might mean additional consults in your home, field trips to specific stores for resources, or arranging meetings with other service providers ( like a seamstress, carpenter, or painter).

We continue a working relationship with consultations or e-mail support as needed until the project has reached your level of satisfaction.

Can we assist with shopping for furniture and accessories? Do we charge a commission?

Yes, we shop and no, we do not charge commissions. We charge the hourly rate for shopping and we pass along any design discounts that we receive.

Can we work with a low budget or with mostly existing furnishings?

Yes, we are happy to assist clients at any price point.

What is our payment policy for home consultations?

Clients pay for the initial consultation at the time of the meeting and then we send regular billing statements after that. We accept checks and PayPal payments.

What is our payment policy for e-decorating and sparK<em>its</em>?

Clients pay for these services on-line using Paypal when the ‘spark starter packet’ is completed and sent to us.

What is our return policy or guaranty for the sparK<em>its</em>?

We do our very best to provide clients with services that make them happy. However, design is very subjective and perfection is not always obtained. We rely very heavily on the intake form, measurements, and photos that are submitted to us by our clients and cannot be responsible for misinformation. We make every effort to avoid errors by communication with our clients and by offering a final revision. Clients may also continue to revise a room by paying an hourly consulting rate of $50.

Money will not be refunded for completed work.

Please contact us with any additional questions!

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