28 12 17.  Those are the lottery numbers I would pick today.  The numbers that would win me a giant jackpot.  A jackpot I would use to dial up  Leroy Street Studio (an architecture firm based in nyc) and say, “Get out your drafting boards kids!  Mama wants a new pad.”

Enough words.  Pictures say it all.  Click & Drool, ladies & gents.

28 12 17.

28 12 17.  I’m just sayin…

Baskets of Stone (Corbeille Leonard)

Baskets of Stone (Corbeille Leonard)

Monday’s fabulous post by Curlin on Rick Joy’s brilliant barn got me thinking about ancient construction techniques used in new ways. An old civil engineering technique of building with gabions has surfaced all over the world, making it’s mark on the landscape with gusto. It can be an earth (and budget) friendly way to terrace [...]