Roving Reporter…

As you may have noticed, I haven’t been posting nearly as often in the last weeks. Well, I’m finally able to share why…my family and I are moving to Savannah Ga!

While I’ll be busy finding my new creative center amidst live oaks draped with spanish moss and wonderful historic neighborhoods, my husband will be joining the faculty at Savannah College of Art and Design, my eldest son will be starting his freshman year there and our youngest son will be busy exploring the salt marshes, fishing lagoons and a new school too.

There’s so many things we want to bring with us… we thought we’d cut down to just the essentials, but as we were doing so we found we didn’t really want to get rid of anything. Everything has a valuable memory attached to it.

I’m hoping to pop in as roving reporter with Spark from time to time.  I will miss Austin terribly and am sad to leave the fun new collaboration with Misty and my other talented sparklers.  We were just getting rolling!

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I plan to carry on our proud Spark tradition… by the seashore…helping new clients create happy nests as time frames and budgets allow.   I’ll have new shops to explore, new vintage to find, new neighborhoods to amble through.  And I’m planning on doing a small remodel the 1935 red brick bungalow we just purchased in a Savannah historic district known as Ardsley Park.

I’d love to share my new project and the before and after results with you from time to time!   I hope you’ll let me know if you’re ever in Savannah.  And I’d love to know if any of you have creative friends you think I should know in my new home.

A huge thanks to Misty Adair for inviting me to join her at Spark.  I’ll miss our creative pow-wows at the galaxy cafe, but will thank my lucky stars for skype and airplanes!

Yours with brown paper packages tied up with string!