What about Not Shopping?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a girl who likes to shop. I can shop with the best of them and as a matter of fact, it’s part of my job. But there’s a point where shopping is excessive and stores are just pushy. I’m not sure if I should be excited that Black Friday discounts have begun a few days earlier or to be offended that the madness has been extended. My biggest complaint is really that Thanksgiving, a sweet and humble holiday, is being overshadowed by a shopping mandate. What is so wrong with hanging out with your family, eating until you bust and being darn thankful that you can?

So, here’s a suggestion. . .how about “Not Buying It“? What if I don’t buy my kids everything on their Christmas list? What if I decide not to buy that cashmere scarf? I have not yer read the book “Not Buying It” , so I can’t say I recommend it. I am intrigued by the concept and I do think that we all should think a little harder about our spending. In kindergarten, the children have to compare “needs” and “wants” by creating lists and collages to illustrate the two. Maybe grown-ups should do their kids homework in this case.

Has anyone read this book? What are your thoughts about living more “simply” versus spending freely? Is there a middle ground and how do we maintain it?