Matching Smatching: Mix It Up in the Dining Room


Matching is for Garanimals. When it comes to dining room tables and chairs, not matching is so much more interesting. Although it might take some thought to create just the right mix, using random chairs has its benefits. You can collect them over time and you can often find one off chairs at great prices, new or used. For inspiration, take a look at the images below or watch this episode of Dear Genevieve to see her dining room makeover, from predictably formal for fabulously casual.

from DesignSquish

Mismatch Chairs from Apartment Therapy

I Think I Need Glasses…

I Think I Need Glasses…

Those random glasses at flea markets and thrift stores will never look the same again. The lovely Propellor Design has gathered them all together to create one-of-a-kind chandeliers.  I must have.  Must have now! Can’t you picture this over a gorgeous white tempered glass kitchen table in an amazing white room? Now let’s find some wonderful [...]