Seen Around: Free Shipping on Flor!

Flor in Favorite Jeans

I know I’ve said it before, but I am a huge fan of Flor for custom made rugs. The style combinations are endless, the durability is a must for busy households, and the price is reasonable. If you watch for special promotions, the bottom line is even more affordable. Right now, you can get free shipping on Flor tiles until April 1. I just ordered a rug and saved $42 on shipping for an 8×8 foot rug set. Of course, I also enjoy a designer discount on products and I can share that with you if we work on your Flor project together (wink, wink)!

P.S. If you try the coupon code for free shipping and it doesn’t work, try it again in lower case characters (I called the store to clear that up).

Modern Mix Flor tiles

How Big is Big Enough. . . for Rugs?

How Big is Big Enough. . . for Rugs?

How do I choose the correct rug size for my room? Is there a rule to follow? There is no need to follow strict guidelines for rug size, but there is a general rule of proportion to keep in mind. A rug should extend a room outward or define specific islands of living space. Generally, [...]