Throwing In The Towel

I’m throwing in the towel on getting my monday post in on time today.   The Marimekko tea towels to be exact.  I had a huge  stretched Marimekko Canvas as the central piece of art in my room growing up.  It was bright and bold and modern and I thought it was over-the-top-cool.

And while I can’t even remember what happened to the first piece of art I added to my collection at 13, I’m still a huge fan of Marimekko Anything.  The patterns.  The bold colors.  The unexpectedness of the designs.  And the range of colors and imagery is fantastic.

I’m so happy Crate & Barrel does its darndest to keep Marimekko patterns in their ongoing collections.  I have two pillow shams on my master bed right now that are muted scandinavian nummy.   If you want to make a little less of a commitment to the boldness of Marimekko designs…I say grab yourself a tea towel…or a set of tea towels as featured on

For around $29 dollars you can pick out a set of two Marimekko tea towels.  And bop  around your kitchen with them…see how you feel about the bold colors and patterns.  And even the more subtle ones above.  I think tea towels are like  new underwear for the kitchens.  You’ll feel fresh and sassy without spending a fortune.  Only you will know you have new tea towels.  I guarantee nobody in your family will know what you’re smiling about.   It’s between you and the tea towels.  And of course, all of us here at Spark.

Trees To Grow Inside Your Home

Trees To Grow Inside Your Home

This is fantastic.  You can visit My Tree And Me online and order one of their gorgeous modern geneaology charts and have it customized with your family names.  What a simply wonderful idea. You pick your chart from their site.  They send you a form to fill out.  You send in your info.  And the [...]