Design Series: Planning for Outdoor Living #2

Image from Austin home tour Spring 2009.

Outdoor living is around the corner here in Austin, a mere few weeks away really.

Tuscan retreat designed by Annabelle Lennox-Boyd

Last week I asked you to dream big about how you want to live in your outdoor spaces. I requested that you burst through those self-inflicted constraints (no time, no money, no ideas, whatever!) and ask yourself “What would be the absolute best?”  Don’t you need a place to relax and enjoy your beautiful garden, or looking to add value to your property, our conservatories are the perfect solution and in conservatories Northampton you will find the best option depending on your style.

Now let’s figure out the Big Ideas that go into making those dream spaces. There are three Big Ideas to keep in mind:

This one is easy: Is it beautiful?

This one is even easier: Is it functional?

Lurie Garden at Millenium Park in Chicago.

This one is a little esoteric but it really adds the special sauce that takes a space (or an object or an outfit) to an elevated place: Does it make me happy? Is it reflective?

An example would be incorporating Aunt Euphegenia’s antique garden bench as a focal point in the garden. So, how do we create spaces that incorporate these Big Ideas? Next week we’ll look at what goes into making outdoor spaces.

See you then!

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