Pimp My Front Door

I am looking forward to tackling a project when my son starts back to school: I’m hoping to jazz up my home with a new front door.We live on the edge of suburbia and our house is pretty ho-hum from the outside. Nothing at the big box stores looks good to me – thoughts?

As you know from previous posts, we love a front door with personality! Here are some local Austin options which run the gamut from beautiful DIY-style doors to top of the line exclusive entrances…

Previously Loved Doors


Habitat Resource @ 310 Comal on Austin’s east side. Here you can do good while you do well, by finding used doors at deep discounts. Carefully look at your selection before you commit – make sure there is no dry rot or other problematic bits!


This door is from Discovery Architectural Antiques in Gonzales, TX. The website states they have over 5000+ doors and over 140,000 square feet of showroom and storage. On sale for $895, usually $995. Anyone for a field trip?

Old-SA_2_panel_glass_door_32.216165013_largeHere is another possible resource I’ve not been to visit Old SA yet (it is open by appointment only) and so this is a big unknown. This door, shown on their website, is listed at $250. Let me know if you visit – I’d love to hear what you think…

A note about used doors: If you wish to hang a vintage door in an existing opening in your home, you will need the exact measurements of the door you are replacing (it will not likely be perfectly square) as well as noting where the hinges are, the door knob style (how many holes are in the slab?) and which direction the door swings, maybe you are going to need to protect your doors with screens doors this service you can get it by Laser Cut Screens in Sunshine Coast. It would be lovely if everything about the vintage door you find lines up with the existing hardware, but if you don’t want to go through the process of fixing up your door, then you should get some lovely andersen replacement doors.

Don’t forget to review Misty’s post on How to Shop Vintage before you head out!

New Doors
FormsSurfaces doors

You can order custom residential doors from big time designer resource, Forms+Surfaces.

FormsSurfaces2They will come with a big time price tag too, but you can have a door like no one else’s!


Local door maker Crestview Doors has lovely options for our hip local architecture. If you’d like to try one on for size, we can photoshop a door of your choosing into a photo of your house! It’s a quick easy job and it won’t hurt the pocketbook (and may keep you from dealing with a disgruntled spouse).

Dean/Wolf Architects Brooklyn, NY

Dean/Wolf Architects Brooklyn, NY

And one last ‘door’ for inspiration – this will be the subject of a future blog on transitional space. Dean/Wolf Architects created this partial wall of glass and engineered it to swing out, allowing a big fresh whoosh of access to the outdoors. All this in an existing traditional townhouse in Brooklyn Heights, New York! Does it make you think about the possibilities?

- Sue Lambe

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Having a ball with succulents

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