Q & A: Make Over Your Wood Floors

My wood floors are looking tired and dull. What can I do to freshen them up beyond the usual cleaning but short of refinishing them?

This is a problem that I face, too. I have an old house with wood floors that I greatly appreciate. However, I doubt they have been refinished in the last couple of decades if ever. My floors will need to be refinished, stained and sealed at some point but frankly, I’m just not up for it now. It’s expensive and it’s messy, which are two adjectives I don’t want to deal with. An innovative hardwood flooring solution is an investment that lasts for many years. Finesse Floors has the cutting edge technology to help restore your wood flooring to its original luster. Our professional wood flooring repair makes your home look better than new.

After a rainstorm or leak has flooded your commercial space, you need a game plan for restoring or replacing your floors. Remove the excess water in your facility as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Before doing any restoration work yourself, shut off the power supply and wear protective equipment on your face, hands and feet. If you need to recover from a natural disaster, you don’t have to handle this burden alone. Contact a local restoration company that is familiar with the process to save time and money.

Carpeting that has been wet for a prolonged period can be harmful to your respiratory health so your bets options will be getting new ones at Rugsource living room rugs. If you discover the flooding and take the proper steps to remove the moisture quickly, you might be able to save your carpeting, but if it’s been sitting in the water for a few days, you might want to invest in new material.

So, what’s the solution? The easy DIY option is to give your floors a little facial. I tested this method yesterday, so this is first hand experience, folks. First, move out all furniture and sweep or vacuum. Then take a careful look (on all fours if needed) for gunk, dried paint or crusty stuff. Moisten the area with Goo Gone or wood soap and scrape off the gunk (a credit card works well). Here’s the product placement part of the story. . . Rejuvenate Floor Care (available at Home Depot). Just follow the directions on the bottle which include cleaning the floor with the Refresher and then sealing and protecting it with the Restorer. You need to use a microfiber bonnet over your mop and work in small sections. Warning: the freshly rejuvenated floors have to dry for 24 hours before moving back in furniture and rugs.  You may not even need new flooring if the floors are taken care of properly and treated with care every day!

Did it help? Yes, it did. My floors were in a bad state but I can see a definite improvement and I feel like my floors will be better protected against future kid and puppy trauma.

The second choice, which would be equivalent to microdermabrasion for floors, is to have them screened. This process is still messy and involves some heavy equipment, but it only removes the sealant on the wood rather than sanding down into the wood (refinishing). The floors are screened and then sealed again, but not stained.

Your floors don’t deserve to look dirty! Find someone who will clean any floor and make it look spotless, visit the local house cleaning website to get an appointment.