28 12 17.  Those are the lottery numbers I would pick today.  The numbers that would win me a giant jackpot.  A jackpot I would use to dial up  Leroy Street Studio (an architecture firm based in nyc) and say, “Get out your drafting boards kids!  Mama wants a new pad.”

Enough words.  Pictures say it all.  Click & Drool, ladies & gents.

28 12 17.

28 12 17.  I’m just sayin…

Welcome From the Outside In

Welcome From the Outside In

Being one of the fresh and zesty new Spark designers, this is my first post for Spark Interior Style. As Spark’s Exterior Stylist, here’s where I’d like to begin, with the idea of welcome. I’ve been thinking about it so much lately. Some homes are pretty bland at first glance, while some just look so [...]