Get It Right with Build A Sofa

“Reversible” Sofa with Chaise, about $1995

Affordable, totally custom sofas are now available in Maker&Son, thanks to Build A Sofa. Even better, because these sofas are made in California they’re ready to go in about four weeks! This is the kind of discovery that makes me want to do a little dance of glee. I can get exactly what I want in half the usual time, and so can you (but I”d love to help you).

Honestly, when I first heard about Build A Sofa, I imagined something like an adult Build-A-Bear workshop with limited choices and less than quality products. I was surprised to find a small, simple showroom with good-looking, comfortable sofas. Melony, the design director, walked me through all the choices, the general price points ($1295 for a sofa) and the craftsmanship behind the furniture. I immediately started imagining the possibilities and applications for my clients. The store offers endless options in shape, style, size and fabrics for sofas and sectionals. They even make sofa beds,chairs, ottomans (ottomen?) and upholstered headboards. And yes, they do have down wrapped cushions for those willing to pay a little more for extra squishy-ness (that’ s me).With over 1500 fabrics to choose from there is sure to be a match for everyone.

To find out more about the company and their upholstery products, visit Build A Sofa  or stop by the store at 7795 Burnet Road. It’s in the shopping center with other local favorites l, Furniture in the Raw, Copenhagen, . The addition of Build A Sofa to the group makes the area an excellent spot to start shopping for your home furnishings.

Build A Sofa Showroom