The Old Switcheroo Redux

Stone Wall at Ladybird Lake Trail in Austin, TX

Stone Wall at Ladybird Lake Trail in Austin, TX

Switching it up gets you noticed! Switching the stone that makes up this retaining wall really made me look at it, and had me admiring the artistry involved in building it. It’s a modern take on an old standard.


StoneWallAustinPark3Note the small holes in the photo with vertically (another switch!)  placed limestone… those are weepholes, needed to let water drain from behind the wall. Water backing up behind the wall would ruin the wall eventually through freeze/thaw (yup, it does freeze here in Austin every so often!)


If you’re thinking of using stone in your yard or inside your home, think about pulling your own switcheroo. Pair stone with an unusual material such as glass to make a more artistic statement. Be inspired by the underlit glass bordering the paved walkway pictured above (Miller Company Landscape Architecture).

Be sure to get a true artisan to do the construction. It’ll make all the difference!

- Sue Lambe, your Spark Exterior Stylist