Color Cues from Kathryn Ireland

Kathryn Ireland

The premiere of Million Dollar Decorators would get me blogging again after my mid-May hiatus (busy month,eh?) Really, there’s so much to say but it all comes out sounding rather catty. The decorators of the rich do not live in the same world as I do. I’d be much more concerned about my client’s well being in the middle of a divorce than the loss of her finely decorated house or possible loss of excessive funds (gasp!) Never-the-less, seeing their fabulous lifestyles and even more glamorous clientele is entertaining TV. . . and there’s inspiration to be found.

So for today, I’d like to offer color cues from one of the celebrity designers. Kathryn Ireland is known for her bold use of color and own line of vibrant textiles. Her prints are modern and ethnic at the same time and can be playfully mixed together for an eclectic medley. The dominant colors in the bedroom above are red and green, but that combination doesn’t scream “Christmas” as you would expect. Below is my festive color palette based on Ireland’s room. I can see this scheme in a bright dining nook or a breezy patio scenario. . .

Benjamine Moore: Amazon Moss 2037, Electric Slide 404, Light Breeze 512, Orange Parrot 2169, Exotic Red 2086-10

Color Cues from an English Garden

Color Cues from an English Garden

Color inspiration is all around if you just pay attention to the cues. Keeping up with the British theme for the week, this color palette is gathered from a charming English style garden. Warm, rosy pink is contrasted with a lavender tinged blue and slightly lemony white. A lush deep green compliments a bright yellow-green [...]