Advantages of Golf

Golf is a great way to get business contacts and a good source of cash. It may not be the best way to spend the rest of your time, but it sure beats being at home and being lonely. There are a few factors you should consider before picking a golf course to play, before signing up, and after you get on the golf course. These include: the quality of the course and the golfers on the course; the number of courses the golfers can play; the quality of amenities and food available; the number of tee times and times to pick up tee times for the day; the number of holes in the course; the courses’ accessibility for the disabled; and the golfers’ attitudes toward the course and the golfers on the course.

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The study found that golf is perceived as a social activity and that golfers believe their courses are more like a social event than a competitive sport and still there are people that are competitive so they still practice a lot, and even use the golf mats that you can set on the ground so you can practice even more. Golfers also see the social aspect of playing golf as a reason that a course would help golfers develop friendships.

The study is also the first to examine golf course features and perceptions of course quality. The team also explored how these features influence golfers’ perceptions of course quality. They discovered that the most important features in golf course design are the holes and golfers’ experiences at the courses.

“In many cases, the most important features in design and the most important factors in perception are those which are shared by both golfers and golf course design professionals. In other words, golfers and course designers share the same fundamental interests in the golf course, so it is important that the fundamental interest shared by the two groups of people is also taken into consideration in the design process. In this way, the golf course is a social experience in which the community is deeply involved, and this is why it has become such an important part of the American culture.”

For more information about the design process, contact Dave Goss, Director of the Design Office at the New England Golf Course Alliance (NEGA), at 919-926-3500 or

The NEGA’s partnership with NGA continues to support the development of a public course with the highest standards of character and beauty. “Our goal in working with NGA is to provide the most complete course possible, to the extent that we can,” said Dave Goss, Director of Design Office at the NEGA. “We think the public course will be a tremendous attraction to people visiting the park and will provide a fun, memorable, educational and rewarding experience.”