Seen Around Town


Curlin and I moseyed over to Uncommon Objects for a hit of South Congress happiness last week and we were not disappointed. Inspiration can be had at any price point in this phenomenal store – some of my favorite discoveries are below.


I’m drawn to glass in the garden, especially when it has watery hues like these glass floats for $16 each.


Pan was watching over a charming corner of the store. We conferred with staff and found that Pan is playing his flute; he is not able to issue a stream of water from that pipe in his piehole.


Love these white wood panels. For $125, that is a whole lot of ambiance.


Hip table hanging around with aluminum briefcases – imagine powdercoating the table a succulent apple green. Mmm.


Sweet little chairs for children’s afternoon tea.


This photo is deceptive – this basket is actually about 18″ wide by maybe 40″ long. Line it with sphagnum moss and stuff full of plants – gorgeous!


Curlin suggested these nifty bits would make a great chandelier – they are plumb bobs from surveyor’s instruments, and now that I say the name of them I just remember I need to find anĀ Affordable Drain Cleaning for my house, but anyways to keep on going.


This would make a lovely doorbell cover, would it not?


Reasonably priced Bertoia chairs were hanging out in the back room with a groovy acrylic magazine rack and a gorgeous danish style wood dining table.

The man behind the counter at the front of the store (with the kind eyes and winning smile) is owner Steve Wiman – he watches over the 24 different vendors who have their wares in the store. Say hello from Sue when you are there!

~ Sue Lambe