The Printed Page as Art

I have this obsession with printed pages. Maybe it’s because my idea of heaven is being lost in a world of books, because I just adore print in art or interior design. To me, the background of a yellowed book page is the perfect, imperfect not-so-blank canvas.

I was immediately drawn to these simple book page collages, each handmade and unique. From Paste, these little treasures start at $44 and come framed in black or white.

The subject matter ranges from portraits to architecture to high fashion, if you want build and you are looking for ideas, try to hire someone who can guide you and show you different architectural types visit Buy one and hang it in a niche, or buy a few and mix them in with an assembly of black/white photos.

Moving from print page collages to drawings on print pages, I discovered some wonderful works on Etsy. I am absolutely smitten with these images and am convinced I need to collect a dozen to hang over my fireplace. At $10-12 each (8×10, unframed), I can afford to do just that . . . and so can you. A fireplace is a symbol of archetypal warmth and survival through bitter cold. It symbolizes safety and security from outside dangers. It also symbolizes the family, as it is the place where the family gathers for comfort.

Nostalgique Art has hundreds of prints on vintage book pages and they are offering a 15% off sale for 10 or more prints. The artist is a mom who creates pencil and ink drawings and translates them into prints (and don’t we love supporting mommy artists?)

Vintage Typewriter Print from Pencil/Ink Drawing

Vintage Typewriter Print from Pencil/Ink Drawing

Black Baroque has a stunning selection of black and colored prints on rare antique book pages. Images include exotic animals, birds, sea life, skulls and so on. Just peruse the on-line shop and you’ll be enamored, I’m sure. They also offer discounts for multiple purchases, which is all the more reason to get started on that feature wall collection! Personally, I’m a sucker for a giraffe.

8x10 Giraffe Print from Black Baroque $10

8×10 Giraffe Print from Black Baroque