Spark Saves Your Sanity

Image from The Gig

Q: So I was just in my kitchen baking a cake from scratch and wondering to myself. . . where can I possibly receive free advice to help me in my decorating dilemmas? I get stuck obsessing over paint colors and picture placement until I simply can’t sleep at night (unless I take an Ambien). What can I do?

A: Never fear, retro lady! The savvy girls at Spark will be happy to ease your mind. When a question pops up about anything remotely related to interior decorating or outdoor landscaping, give us a jingle.

Our Thursday posts are reserved for reader questions, no matter how big or small. You can even send us a picture of your room or point of angst to illustrate your query. Remember, there are no silly questions. . . only silly people who don’t take advantage of this Q & A forum.  So contact us now and hear from us next Thursday!