Seen Around Town: Halloween Home

Dinner Table Set for Doom

Today, our “Seen Around Town” comes from Leslye, our beloved seamstress. Leslye was recently a dinner guest at a home so spectacularly spooked out that she just had to share. Her friend Debbie Kubena takes holidays seriously. . . so seriously that she changes out the entire decor of her home with the seasons. And fall is her favorite time of year with three holidays back to back. Debbie leaves no surface untouched from chandeliers to counter tops.

Witchmas Tree. . . why not?

Why not set up your holiday tree early and then use it for three holidays — Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas? Debbie decked out her Halloween tree in purple garland and witch hat. We can imagine using gourds, turkey feathers and cornucopias for a festive Thanksgiving tree. Also, we love the shattered skeleton in the fireplace. What a great use of empty space!

Trick-or-Treat Stockings

Not everyone has the talent, time and resources to turn their home into a holiday masterpiece, but there’s no harm in borrowing an idea or two. Thanks for the peek inside, Debbie and Leslye! (I heard the outside is even more impressive)

Head on a Platter. . .yum